What ho, Readers all!

Those of you who follow my website may have noticed that my posts have been sporadic of late. This is because a change is in order.

A change? What does that mean? Have I forsaken the world of reviewing books?

Far from it. The fact is, for the last year now, I’ve felt that Laura’s Bookshelf lacked vivacity and personality. I had big ideas for expansion and improvement. It wasn’t until the last few months that I was finally able to implement my ideas and design a new website. It is now my privilege to present to you –

I’m really excited about this site. I believe it to be superior in concept, design, and style to Laura’s Bookshelf. I’m also expanding from posting just reviews to also posting articles, polls, funny book-related quotes, and book reports from my readers. I also believe that The Blithering Bookster will be easier to navigate than Laura’s Bookshelf has ever been.

But enough of my blitherin’ on about the change – hurry on over and check it out yourself!

Bookishly yours,

Laura (from henceforth, The Blithering Bookster)

P.S. I’m also giving away three books in celebration of the launch. Be sure to enter the giveaway!

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