Hello – I’m Laura Verret, the author behind Laura’s Bookshelf. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved books; I love the way they smell when they’re new, feel when I’m reading them, and look lined up on my shelves. I’m thrilled by the adventures experienced in and the knowledge imparted from good books. And I love writing about books as well – that’s where this website comes in. I started Laura’s Bookshelf as an outlet for my comments, reviews, and critiques of the books that I’ve read. My goal is to post a review of every book that I read this year – if I can keep up with myself!

While I will review adult fiction and non-fiction occasionally, the main focus of Laura’s Bookshelf will be resources for children. As I seek to accumulate children’s books for my own library, I hope that my evaluations of their content will be helpful to you parents who are searching for wholesome reading material for your own children.

As a caution, I must note that just because I have reviewed a children’s book, this does not make the review safe for children to read. In each review, I point out the dangerous elements of the book – things that I think you may wish to know before giving the book to your children. This may include serious issues such as cursing, romance, false religious references, and violence. For this reason I do not advise you to allow your children ‘free rein’ on this site.

Obviously, books are a central part of my life and I invest a great deal of my time in them. But I also like to spend time listening to lectures, studying piano, practicing hospitality, composing music, attending conferences, exercising, and fellowshipping with my family. Lately, I’ve also been trying to develop my skills in the art of crafting stories. The results have been…. interesting.

I hope you enjoy visiting with my books! If, after going through my reviews, you think of a book you’d like to hear my thoughts on, please drop me a message. I can’t promise to review the book, but I’d love to hear from you just the same!

Note: One of the features on my website is the Star Rating of each book, 5 stars being the highest rating and 1 star the lowest.



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  1. Laura,

    Thank you! I was certain that I was the only one with this “problem” of constantly buying books, looking at books, organizing books, thinking of books, Googling books, etc. Your blog is magnificent and I commend you for it. I look forward to more entries and I also look forward to spending more time exploring your literary adventures!

    All My Best!

    Erik J. Wright

    • Hello, Mr. Wright;

      Thank you so much for your encouragement! I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, but starting this website has given me a real purpose in my ‘literary adventures’. I’ve come to just love finding out about new books or authors and then sitting down to analyze them. I am so glad that others have found my thoughts profitable as well!

      God Bless You!

      Laura K. V.

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